How crypto led me to Hideo Kojima

"Creativity is like water. It flows and changes shape, taking on the form of whatever container it's poured into. It's up to us to find the right container for our own creative energies."
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A lot of people are investing in cryptocurrencies lately. The adage of "Buy and hold" (HODL!) is a mantra.

But I often think "What is the purpose of money?". Why save all the money, if you eventually get old and can't even enjoy your money?

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I was actually nervous to break my solid 100% stance on "HODL everything!". But after a global pandemic, a possible start of the Third World War and an globally melting economy, what do I got to lose, anyway?

So, I went out and I entered the bookshop. I love books! I headed to the "creative section" and I found a white, polished book with golden letters on it: "The Creative Gene" by Hideo Kojima.

Image 1: "The Creative Gene" by Hideo Kojima

This book has been on my radar for a while now.

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the book. I'm not really a gamer, and I didn't know much about Kojima's work beforehand. But as I started reading, I found myself drawn in by his musings on creativity and the creative process.

As someone who's always been interested in different forms of art and design, I found Kojima's perspective to be refreshing and inspiring.

One of the things about this book which stuck with me was:

"True creativity is not about following rules or conventions. It's about breaking them and forging your own path. It's about taking risks and exploring the unknown. It's about seeing things in a different light and finding new ways to express yourself."

I can relate with this a lot. As someone who is creative, my "creativity" has/is often getting me into trouble for breaking or challenging the rules. I don't like rules very much. I think they are made for testing. I really do.

And buying my first book with crypto was again a very odd experience. I was looking at the girl at the cash desk and I was wondering has somebody else came to this shop and book also a book with crypto? Will this become the norm in the future? Or will crypto disappear?

Who knows?

Maybe we just need to take sometimes new chances and discover our own "creative gene" and find new ways to express ourselves and explore our interests.

Thank you for reading!

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