B&S Holdings founder J. H. Bang arrested in South Korea in relation to Haru Invest incident

B&S Holdings (bangnsong.com) founder Jun-ho Bang reportedly arrested in South Korea on 18 Jan 2024, another company discovered to be also victim of B&S (Traum Infotech). Criminal complaint also filed and to be finished until 28 Jan. His partner, Mr. Song, is currently hiding in Japan. It is claimed B&S Holdings is the prime reason for the suspension of the operations of Haru Invest.

The Seoul Southern District Court announced on January 24 that โ€œan arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Bang on January 18", while the police investigation should be completed by 28th of January, 2024.

Early last week, the police applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. Bang on charges of fraud and breach of trust under the Aggravated Punishment for Specific Economic Crimes Act, and the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office filed a request for this warrant to the court.

After investigating for 10 days until January 28, the police will detain and forward Mr. Bang's case to the prosecution. After the suspension of deposits and withdrawals of Haru Invest in June 2023, B&S Holdings became known as the primary reason why more than 80 000 international ended up without access to their crypto investments.

In addition, during the arrest it was revealed that Traum Infotech, a virtual asset trading platform developer, has also suffered losses by entrusting a large amount of BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) to B&S Holding.

P.S: Recently, there were rumor among insiders in the South Korean crypto industry that ย Jun-ho Bang was attempting to make some deals with cash too prior to his arrest.

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